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Certified Financial Planner CM or CFP CM is an internationally recognised and highly prestigious qualification for financial advisers all over the world.  In the UK it is awarded by the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP).  It must not to be confused with the Certificate of Financial Planning, which is currently the minimum qualification for financial advisers. 


To become a Certified Financial PlannerCM in the UK a financial adviser must first have satisfied certain rigorous requirements. 

  • He or she must have passed advanced examinations in financial planning.  For example they require the Chartered Institute of Insurance (CII) Diploma in Financial Planning or its predecessor, the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate, with passes in specified subject areas, to ensure that they have in depth technical knowledge over a broad range. 
  • He or she requires at least three years' relevant financial services experience.
  • If the above conditions are fulfilled, the candidate must have worked on a case study to produce a detailed financial plan of a sufficiently high standard to be passed by the IFP examining board.  They must be members of the IFP, abide by a strict code of ethics, and commit to continuing professional development (CPD).

Financial adviser.jpgCFPCM professionals have not only proven, in depth technical knowledge in a broad range of subjects; they have also been trained to the highest level in the practical aspects of financial planning.  A Certified Financial PlannerCM Professional is someone you can trust.

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