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To become a Chartered Financial Planner – the pinnacle of the financial planning profession – a financial adviser must fulfil certain requirements. 


Chartered Financial Planners.jpgHe or she must:

  • achieve the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning - the highest qualification currently awarded by the Chartered Institute of Insurance (CII) to financial advisers;
  • have a minimum of five years' relevant experience;
  • be a member of the Personal Finance Society (PFS); 
  • commit to a programme of continuing professional development (CPD).    

Let us put this in perspective for you.  The CII operates a points system for its Financial Services exams. 


For example, an candidate must achieve 70 points to be awarded the Certificate in Financial Planning - currently the minimum qualification for financial advisers wishing to advise on investments and pensions, normally designated as Cert PFS.  A further 70 points is required to be awarded the Diploma in Financial Planning, (Dip PFS) making a total of 140 points.  (The diploma level qualification is to become the minimum standard after the end of 2012.)


However, to be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning the candidate has to gain a total of 290 points – more than four times the minimum requirement for financial advisers! 


Chartered Financial Planners are the crème de la crème of the financial planning profession.  They have demonstrated, not only advanced technical knowledge and financial planning expertise, but also an exceptionally high level of commitment to their clients by the time and money they have spent in attaining their qualifications to enable them to give the highest level of advice.

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