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If you would like to learn more about financial planning why not check out these great books?  Of course, you must bear in mind that books cannot replace the value of having an expert financial planner, who has taken the time to get to know you personally, and your financial goals and challenges.

The first three books have all been written by UK Chartered Financial Planners - 'Sorted' was written by member Jane Wheeler FIFP CFP APFS, Chartered Financial Planner, who is one of the most highly qualified financial planners in the UK and a past president of the Institute of Financial Planning.

Nick Cann, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Financial Planning, had this to say about Jane's book.  "This is an easy to read, practical guide about the fundamentals of financial planning. It takes the reader through a logical process which will significantly improve their feeling of wellbeing and give them greater understanding and confidence about their personal finances. Research suggests that many consumers would like to plan for themselves but don't necessarily know what to do. This book gives the direction and support needed to help people move forward, whether or not they need the services of a professional planner at a later stage." 

What does it take to ensure every investment decision is a brilliant one?

Investing money always involves tough decisions. Often seen as too complex and risky, many of us fear investing and miss out on potentially big financial rewards

 Brilliant Investing is set to change this. It offers clear guidance on how to make investment decisions and ensure you are successful every time. Free from jargon and focusing only on what you need to know, you’ll be equipped with all the essential skills to make smart investments in no time at all.'d have to search far and wide among the nation's bookshelves to find a more user-friendly introduction to saving money for the future. Pensions Management March 2008

"… this book shows that, with a bit of hard work, the dream of retiring early is still possible… Bamford offers easy-to-follow advice and simple tools to make that elusive goal of early retirement a reality." Moneywise April 2008

"The best finance book I've ever read... go out and get this as soon as you get the chance" - The IET Circuit December 2006

"Breaks down the steps of mastering personal finance into plain speak" - New Model Adviser, October 2006

"Bamford excels at making even the dullest topics interesting" - Pensions Management, October 2006

This financial and life-planning book wraps basic information around the timely mantra, "The Number" - the amount of savings you need to retire and how to live both well and purposefully..

Throughout, it reads well, in a breezy magazine style, which is no surprise given author Lee Eisenberg's illustrious career at Esquire magazine.

This is a book about compound interest and its affect on your future wealth. It is also about making a few sacrifices now so that you aren't short of money in your old age when it is too late to do anything about it. It throws a lifeline for those who want to do a bit of living before they die - for the wrinkly stage before the crumbly stage. You will have to turn over a number of pages which relate only to American citizens. However, the underlying message is well stated and relevant and the future will arrive whether you think about it or not.

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