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Sorted!  DIY Financial Planning - how to get the life you want

About the Author

Jane Wheeler is principal of Direction Financial Planning LLP, a fee-based financial planning practice based in Somerset. She has 20 years of experience advising clients across the spectrum of financial matters.

Her impressive list of qualifications make Jane one of the most highly qualified financial advisers in the UK.  A mathematics graduate, Jane currently holds the Certified Financial PlannerCM licence.  She is one of only 77 Fellows of the Institute of Financial Planning and also a Chartered Financial Planner.

Jane is a passionate believer in the value of true financial planning and has served as President of the Institute of Financial Planning for two years prior to the publication, in August 2008, of her book, 'Sorted! DIY Financial Planning – how to get the life you want'.

Jane describes her book as a ‘DIY tool kit for financial planning’.  She says the book will certainly not replace the financial adviser but should empower the client to a better understanding of what they want and how they might achieve it. ‘It’s not about selecting the right fund, it’s about understanding how to set goals,’ she says.

‘It’s taken from my own experiences so, in truth, there wasn’t any research involved in writing it.’

Jane wrote the book because she felt a lot of people wanted to take control of their finances but didn't know how to go about it. The book takes the financial planner’s approach of goal setting and guides the reader through the process of deciding first what they want and understanding what they already have and then through the process of making their goals achievable.

The book was first published in August 2008 and is updated each year.

"This is an easy to read, practical guide about the fundamentals of financial planning. It takes the reader through a logical process which will significantly improve their feeling of wellbeing and give them greater understanding and confidence about their personal finances. Research suggests that many consumers would like to plan for themselves but don't necessarily know what to do. This book gives the direction and support needed to help people move forward, whether or not they need the services of a professional planner at a later stage."

Nick Cann CFPCM Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Financial Planning

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