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Keith G Churchouse BA (Hons) FPFS CFPCM
Chartered Financial Planner

Prolific author, Keith, has published two books this year - both of them before the end of June!  He is featured on The New Model Adviser article on the top 10 adviser authors

In order to fit all that writing into his busy schedule Keith had to get up before the crack of dawn and worked on his books from 4 am until 7 am every day.  That's dedication!  

Financial Planners Elite are very proud to be associated with Keith and Churchouse Chartered Financial Planning. 

We look forward to the third book in the trilogy, which will have a business planning theme.  We may have to wait, however, as Keith is now working on a love story for the Guilford Festival Short Book Prize.  We wish him every success!

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Reader Review

If you, like me, have worked in financial services for a long time, you must read this book because it will strike a chord with you.  If, on the other hand, you are relatively new to financial services, or even if you're just embarking on your journey as a financial adviser, you too must read this book for the great advice and insights it gives.

The book is about one man's journey from leaving school and starting work in a bank, to where he is today – a Chartered Financial Planner with an honours degree in financial services and his own Chartered Financial Planning firm.

Keith doesn't pretend that this was an easy journey – it cost him two marriages along the way.  He also doesn't pretend that it doesn't involve hard work or that you will get instant results.  This is a book based on Keith's real life experiences.  It's a very easy and entertaining read, despite containing a wealth of useful information and advice.  It certainly isn't written in any dry, textbook style.  By the end of the book I felt I knew Keith quite well even although we have never actually met!

Keith explains in his book about the "three year rule" of how a new business is likely to mature.  This is very motivational if you have started a business fairly recently and you just aren't getting the results you had hoped for as soon as you expected them.

I liked the little 'hand written' pin board notes at the end of each chapter giving the key points of the chapter in a nutshell.  The Resources section at the back is also very useful.  In fact there's so much common sense advice in Keith's book that I won't spoil it by telling you anything more.  You absolutely must read it for yourself – no matter what stage you have reached on your own journey as a financial adviser!

Margaret George

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Definition: Marzipan

‘A confection made of almonds reduced to a paste with sugar and often moulded into various forms’.

Marzipan always seems to turn up on a ‘wedding cake’ and I was never a supporter of its use. Maybe that was the first message that things can go wrong and having been married three times and divorced twice, I am hoping that our culinary paths will never cross again. The merging of all things financial and divorce is another recipe that takes time to prepare. Having been in financial services for 25 years, I have provided advice on the assets of many separating couples, guiding them either together or as individuals to help their legal advisers create a financial settlement and solution as they go their separate ways. Understanding the process and managing expectations is the key to remaining sane at what for many is a difficult time.


If you are at the initial and possibly angry phase and looking for signposting of the proceedings, you may want to skip straight to chapter 2 to look at the divorce process and the paperwork involved. On the other hand, if you are further into the process or considering your options, then you may find the formative and later chapters a good read.

Also, don’t forget that your close family and friends may want to understand what you are going through and where you are up to so they might want to see this text to help their understanding.

Keith G Churchouse

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