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What our Members Say:

"Many Congratulations to FPE for starting the new business and for passing the milestone of the first month. To attract 61 of the best UK advisers in 1 month is fantastic and to be applauded.

For me, this also raises the question as to whether it should be difficult to attract the right calibre of member. The reason why I ask this is because it is difficult to find such a unique place where advisers who are Chartered and Certified can lodge their details together. Although some ruling bodies would like to argue that one exam is better than the other, having both can only demonstrate a rounded and committed approach to all aspects of financial planning. This will also become very much clearer to the buying public from 2012 onwards...if not before!

Personally, I am delighted to be a member of FPE and all credit to  Margaret George and the team  of Financial Planners Elite for their tenacity in getting this new facility off the ground. Well done and here’s to your continued success."

Keith G Churchouse BA (Hons), FPFS Director Churchouse Financial Planning Limited

"I applaud any effort to enable consumers to access financial advice from well qualified advisers particularly where the advisers are bound by codes of ethics by their respective professional bodies that ensure that advisers put their clients' interests first in everything they do."

Jane Wheeler FIFP  Direction Financial Planning LLP

“Not all financial advisers are the same” is a great statement. FPE does an important job in raising awareness in the level of knowledge and professionalism Chartered/ Certified Financial Planners have.

The website is well written and has some great content. The more we are able to educate the public with regards the different skill/ knowledge levels different planners have the more professional our image will deservedly become."

Diane Needham  Meridian Capital (GB) Ltd

“Maggie has shown foresight, innovation, stamina and courage in getting Financial Planners Elite off the ground. I am delighted to have been one of the earlier members and I would encouage all Certified Financial Planners and Chartered Financial Planners to sign up.” 

Arthur Childs   Arch Financial Planning Limited          

For those advisers striving to be the top of their game in terms of independence and professionalism FPE represents a favourable shift from other IFA Directories.

"I would recommend any Chartered or Certified Planner to consider subscribing to this service. Consumer awareness of the value of these badges of professionalism is increasing rapidly and will be fuelled further by RDR. Directories such as this will allow us to found online more readily for minimal cost.

"Margaret’s investment of time and effort into building the site is testament to her passion to support her industry which must be commended."

Amira Norris  Professional Practice Services

“Maggie is a passionate advocate of professional financial planning and has a genuine interest and commitment to expanding the public's access to high quality financial planners.”

Kevin Chalk, Senior Financial Planner, Provest Financial Management

“Great idea! I signed up without needing to think about it too much.  And good luck with your biggest challenge of all: getting noticed by Google/the public.  As a member I sincerely hope traffic booms for us all.”

Andrew Reeves, Director, The Investment Coach Limited

 “Maggie has undertaken the huge task of launching the Financial Planners Elite Website with enthusiasm and zeal.  She has not only marketed and designed the website but has added to the concept with additional services and restructured the format to suit the actual abilities of the members.  On each and every occasion I have requested her assistance she has offered her help willingly and also explained how I might improve my usage of the site.  Overall I have been very impressed with the skill and dedication that Maggie has put into this sometimes thankless task.”

Heather Dunne, Owner, Heather Dunne Consulting Ltd

“Maggie should be applauded for putting together a directory of (arguably) the most qualified and competent financial planners in the UK. There are many registers and directories listing financial advisers, but Financial Planners Elite removes the clutter by listing only those that are qualified to either Chartered or Certified level. In addition she is adding to and improving the site all the time, providing resources for members of the public and advisers alike. A lot of hard work has gone into this, and continues to go into this - keep up the good work Maggie.”

Dennis Hall | Chartered Financial Planner | IFA, Chartered Financial Planner and Financial Life Planner, Yellowtail Financial Planning

“Maggie has used her initiative in creating a website where consumers can find financial advisers and financial planners that are at the top of their game. Most consumers think all IFAs are equal - they are not. Financial Planners Elite seeks to differentiate IFAs with top level professional qualifications from those that have just studied enough to get by.”

Iain Wishart,  Chartered Finanial Planner, Wishart Wealth Management

“Consumers and Professionals have always had the constant problem of finding highly qualified financial advisers. For the first time, Financial Planners Elite addresses this issue. It would not have happened had it not been for the energy and enthusiasm of Maggie George. She has made the difference and both consumers and professional advisers are better off for it.”

Duncan Hannay-Robertson, Financial Planner, Taylor Vinters

According to the Personal Finance Society only 7% of advisers are Chartered yet behind the scenes (through compliance) the Financial Services Authority regulates by examination - if you haven't passed the appropriate examinations don't advise in that area. Only someone who is Chartered will be able to give genuine whole of market independent financial planning advice and FPE is currently the only site where the general public can track down "La Creme de La Creme" in this market. Maggie George is to be commended for creating this site. 

Ian Williams Chartered Financial Planner at Ridgeford Consultants Ltd

“As can be seen from Maggie's other recommendations, she has put together a comprehensive list of some of the UK's top financial planners. Somewhat surprisingly this has never been done before, and she is to be commended both for her foresight and in particular the sheer volume of work that she has put into the site's development.”

Gareth Tregidon   Albert Goodman Chartered Financial Planning


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