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Certified Financial Planner
Rutherford Wilkinson Ltd
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Financial Planning Service

Our Service in Brief
The clients I work with tend to be practicing or retired doctors and dentists based in the UK. They are usually established in their careers and are working in the NHS, private practice or a mixture of both. Their backgrounds and disciplines are wide and varied, from Consultant Anaesthetists, to General Practitioners and Dental Principals.

They have accumulated a number of financial policies over the years and have assets such as property, bonds, pensions and equities.

If you possess some of the following attributes, you are likely to receive the greatest value from working with me:

• You have important financial goals that you need to achieve

• You have investable assets (including pension funds) of at least £100,000

• You are aged 35 +

• You are prepared to seek professional advice and you are able to make decisions

• You are serious about making smart choices with your money

• You want to create a financial strategy that will enable you to plan towards financial independence

• Your attitude towards investment risk is neither extremely cautious or extremely adventurous

• You have at least a basic understanding of personal finance but appreciate the value of good advice

Of course this is not a definitive list and I do work with clients who do not possess all of these attributes, but when speaking with prospective clients, I find that this tends to be the best description of the ideal client profile.

I do spend a significant amount of time with prospective clients to ensure we are right for each other. If on meeting I feel that there are reasons why a comprehensive planning service would not be right for you, I will tell you so and the reason why. As we can only provide this service to a limited number of clients, I do want to be sure that you get your moneys-worth and that you are willing to embrace the concept of an ongoing comprehensive planning service.

Ongoing Educational Material

If you’re not receiving the twice monthly Financial Tips Email Newsletter, simply visit our specialist website to register free of charge. By doing so you’ll be able to keep up to date with all the latest pensions and financial news for doctors and dentists (your details are safe with us and we will not sell or pass them to any third parties).

The site also contains free articles and resources to help you effectively plan your finances and save time.
About our Service
Typical clients and charges

Client feedback tells us that one of the main benefits of working with me and the team at Rutherford Wilkinson is that they often have a clearer understanding of when they might achieve their most important financial goals, as well as feeling much more organised with all their financial affairs.

I enjoy working with UK resident doctors and dentists who want to take a more comprehensive approach to planning their financial futures and who have some or all of the attributes of our ‘Ideal Client’ profile.

See our website for information on all our services.

All fees will be agreed with you in advance of any work being conducted. To create a financial plan for you, we usually charge on a per project fixed fee basis. This will typically be £1500 - £3000.

To manage your invested capital, we charge 1% per annum for our ongoing service (discounted for larger portfolios).
Services include:
  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Lifestyle financial planning
  • Wealth management
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Pension transfers
  • Pensions and divorce
  • Education fees planning
  • Other
Other services
Doctors and Dentists
Specialist in

Personal Information

Outside of work, I am married to Laura and we live in Whitley Bay with our daughter Ava. I tend to lead quite a busy life and it has to be said that my ‘to do’ list never seems to go down! I like to keep fit through running and the gym. If I’m not doing that, you’ll probably find me working through my list :)
Keep fit, especially running
Watching many sports, inc football
Sunderland AFC, I still live in hope of winning something!
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